About Us

As many of you know, we have been fortunate enough to have been involved in donating our time and resources in helping families through the efforts of “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition”. During our last endeavor with this show we were introduced to the Shaljian’s, a family in need in 2009. This amazing family were in the running for the last Extreme Makeover but were not selected. We were determined to help them regardless, so we formed a non-profit foundation named “Building Hope for Long Island Foundation.”

Our Mission was simple, “To Build Hope in Long Island communities by repairing ordinary homes for extraordinary families”

Our goal is to help one family at a time rebuild their lives we the help of our fundraising efforts.

Officers & Directors

John Williams – President
Coles Contracting Inc.

Tony Fragoletti – Vice President
Fragoletti Builders Inc.

Andrew Reade – Treasurer
Reade Levine and Co.LLC

Dorothy Schlosser – Secretary

Board of Directors

Michael Burridge
Mt. Sinai Bagels Inc.

Brian Capo
Phil DeBlasio
Alicia DeBlasio
Christel DeBlasio
P.DeBlasio Inc.

Founders & Directors

John Williams
Dorothy Schlosser
Tony Fragoletti
Brian Capo
Philip DeBlasio
Alicia DeBlasio
Christel DeBlasio
Michael Burridge
Andrew Reade

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